A look back at 'Artful Dodgers' in pictures

So now that the dust has settled on last months performance of 'Artful Dodgers' I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes images that I took during the rehearsals for the show. There's always a lot of physical hard work that goes into producing a Boys Dancing show but there's just as much to develop how these young men relate to each other so I've tried to capture a sense of both of those in the images. There's also a few of Dave teaching (he came into one of my rehearsals with Alice Stevens Special School and it wouldn't have been fair for him just to watch so we got him up to show the boys how to perform an L kick!) and some of Simon, Benji, Jonny and Thato (I've known Thato for a few years and the rest since their early teens and it's been great to watch them grow into the dancers that they are today).