Learning stillness

Halesowen, 4th March 2014

Our last full day together started with a lengthy recap of our previous work. The majority of the material was intact, meaning we could spend time cleaning and clarifying. The challenge today was ensuring that the group we currently have are retained for the performance. It’s been about four weeks since I last visited and some of the boys seem to have forgotten their enthusiasm! Not to worry though – within 20 minutes of us starting to work, the enthusiasm returned!

Once the previous work was remembered, we set to work developing material for the rest of our piece. The boys were able to draw on their experiences from our previous sessions to enhance the material they created and the final few sections fell into place quickly. We were then able to spend time clarifying and detailing the movement we had created.

A large portion of the conversation between the boys and myself today has been about the similarities between team sports and dancing together. As a group performing work, we discussed how our performance can only be as strong as our weakest performer. We identified a number of different habits that can compromise our performance quality: chatting, fidgeting and moving when we shouldn’t be distract from the hard work the boys have and are putting in. So our focus is on stamping these bad habits out. But, when the boys aren’t aware that they are moving, it’s harder to stay still!