Patience and commitment pays off for St Margaret's at Hasbury

St Margaret's at Hasbury, 11 March 2014

Day two. Following straight on from our last meeting, the boys arrived full of beans and eager to get started. We warmed up (it’s terribly important!) and then began recapping the work we had made the last time I visited.

What was very interesting today was that all the sections we had created at our last meeting just seemed to fall into place together. By lunchtime we had pieced nearly two minutes of material together from our first session. The lads were incredibly keen to work and it really reflects in their movement. Their patience and commitment to the project meant that as well as working with the whole group, I was able to take smaller groups aside and focus in on their choreography.

I really don’t want to give too much away (because I want you to come and see the work – 27th March, Dudley Town Hall by the way) but the boys also seem able to carry story and narrative alongside the movement. I threw lots of concepts at them, in terms of dance theatre – use of expression, character, mime – and they absorbed each and every one, putting them immediately into action.

Great day. Great group.