What sets you apart?

Well. What can I say? Another brilliant day at Coseley. The boys needed minimal recap time and the work looked fresh and well rehearsed, meaning we could set straight to continuing to create our section.

One of the creative tasks I set the boys today was to create a phrase of solo movement. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a fairly difficult task, especially when the majority of work these guys have experienced has been collaborative. What also made the task difficult was that I asked the lads to create movement that told us something about themselves, particularly, what makes each of them an individual. An interesting part of the task was that some of the lads had no idea what set them apart. They were unable to see their interests and talents as individuals and it took a bit of discussion before we could identify these qualities. It made me wonder about whether or not their environment affected them – surrounded daily by peers they perceive as hostile means that blending in becomes second nature. And, if that is the case, at what point do we begin to celebrate and demonstrate our individuality? The fact is, these boys are definitely individuals, in terms of personality and talent to name but two things – could they not see this?

Suffice to say, we finished our piece with time to spare and were able to indulge the boys in an improvisation, which they led. Creating a circle and then taking it in turns to move into the centre and perform movement of their own or from the piece. It was a really pleasure to watch – the whole group was incredibly enthusiastic.