Dancefest is managing the Boys Dancing project in Worcestershire for the first time this year, in partnership with Worcestershire Dance Teachers. More and more boys are taking part in our community classes and projects and we welcome this opportunity to further develop our work with boys.
Hagley RC High School, Bishop Perowne CE College, and a partnership between Regency High School and Worcester PRU are on board and we're all very much looking forward to working with Dave McKenna, our lead artist.

Project Updates:

  • A fitting stage for Worcestershire's boys?...

    Me, Rose from DanceFest and the teachers from the Worcestershire schools taking part in Boys Dancing had a very productive meeting on Monday evening, ironing out all the logistics. So we are good to start the project now - our first session will be on the 3rd February.

    I can proudly announce that we have a performance date of the 5th April in the evening, we do not have a confirmed venue as yet but we are very close to it! The teachers, Rose and I all decided that the show that we would like to present in Worcestershire will be an event that links to the nation's First World War Centenary commemorations.

    At present we are looking into the possibility of using College Hall as our venue; which is part of King's College and one of Worcester Cathedral's buildings. It has lots of really interesting historical links to battles through the years and also has memorials to students from King's College who died in the war on its walls . We would like the piece to bring to life these elements of the site that relate to the war and also explore the building's breathtaking architecture. It looks like an awesome site for a performance. Hopefully next week I'll be able to explore if for myself as I take a walk around the site.

  • Worcester groups confirmed

    Exciting news from the Team Worcester! They have confirmed a number of groups for their Boys Dancing 2013-2014 project. Confirmed groups now are: Bishop Perowne CE College, Nunnery Wood High School, Hagley High School and the University of Worcester.

    We're all looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with, as there will be quite a range of ages participating. Watch this space for developments!

  • Meet the choreographer

    There's quite a few months to go until rehearsals start in Worcestershire. However, we can introduce you to the choreographer who will be working on the project:

    Dave McKenna

    Dave is also responsible for the overall artistic vision of the Boys Dancing project, as well as being the Artistic Director of Being Frank Physical Theatre company. In case that isn't enough, he is choreographing the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire project too. He is a very busy man.

  • Hello new website!

    The fact that you're reading this suggests that you have, in fact, discovered the latest bit of Boys Dancing news. Which is that we have a new website! We wanted to really be able to show off all the fantastic images and videos that have come out of the project over the past few years, so we've added the visuals to almost every page. We hope you agree, it really showcases the brilliant work done by the boys and the professional dancers over the last six years.

    There's also the Gallery. Here we've started to collate pictures and videos from Boys Dancing activity past and present. It's not 100% complete at the moment, but we'll be adding more pictures and videos as we go along.

    There's also the exciting 'Just Dance' section, which is specifically for boys: those who have and who are taking part in the project. Or are maybe just interested in dance. Here you'll find some videos of male dancers if you're after a bit of inspiration, or some Spotify playlists to get you in the mood for shaking your funky stuff.

    There's space to comment on Just Dance (or on the blog), so if you've got any suggestions as to other things you'd like to see there, please get in touch.

    We hope you enjoy the new site. Have a look round, make yourself at home.