Angus's Story

Angus is a schoolboy who has worked on Boys Dancing projects for three years.

"My brother Dylan was doing boys dance before me and he came back from school and he said it was real good so I thought ‘Oh yeah, I’d better do this!’ Then I did the taster session and I really liked it. I thought ‘Wow, this thing is really good. Why haven’t I done it before?’ and I tried it again, and did the actual dancing lessons and I was like: ‘Boom!’

I kind of thought dance was just for girls, but then when I got into stuff like contemporary dance and hip hop and things like that, I thought ‘This is for boys as well’ - and now I’ve gone and taken part.

It’s been fun doing all the dancing and working with Adam [the choreographer]. It’s also challenging because it’s the first time ever I’ve tried dance. So starting the project was the hardest bit because it was a whole new experience for me. But Adam makes you really jump into it and he helped me really enjoy it.

All the different places I’ve performed have all had really different atmospheres. At Warwick Arts Centre it was like a proper performance, on a proper stage. In ‘Hangar’ the aircraft hangar was something you’re not going to go into every day! Dancing on a farm for Manitou was quite odd, but really fun at the same time. I really like watching back what I’ve done on the films.

I’ve learnt loads of new things. I’d never really done dance before, so to begin with it was like a big wave of new things crashing down on me, but then easing out and now I find it really fun. Dancing makes me feel like I’m something special - it’s a new thing that I’m good at. It’s real fun stuff.

When I’m older, I want to be a dancer - not necessarily a choreographer though. Contemporary dance is my favourite. I’d like to dance somewhere like the hangar or on a farm again - but do something completely different that hasn’t been done before."