Sam's Story

Schoolboy Sam has participated in Boys Dancing projects for over three years.

I liked dance even when I was really little. I danced in the middle of my Mum’s wedding when I was only one year old! So I already enjoyed dancing; I did a dance club at school and I did street dance lessons at another school for a bit as well. I used to do gymnastics too, but I was eight years old, and in the under eight’s class there were a few boys, but in the eights and over class there were none. So although I was eight I decided to move down. Then I stopped going.

I didn’t think that dance was just for girls though because I liked dancing anyway - but I do think that being involved in Boys Dancing projects has made me like it more. Before, all my dance teachers were female, so it was nice to have a change and have a man teacher. And now, I think I’ve actually done more dance sessions with a male teacher than female teachers!

I learnt quite a bit from working with Adam [choreographer]. Before I just really knew about street dance, but now I really enjoy contemporary, more artistic dance too. I’ve done every single dance for boys that’s come to the school!

I thought dancing was quite hard when I first did a Boys Dancing performance, but now I’ve just grown into it. When I was eight we did a performance at Theatre Severn, on the stage, and I felt bit nervous. But I really like performing now.

It is always fun working on the dance projects but sometimes there are other people messing around. When I’m dancing, I really concentrate a lot. When we did the Manitou performance at Acton Scott, I was at the front so all the other boys were looking at me for the timing, because I’ve been doing Boys Dancing for three years now.

The performance on the farm was really tiring because we only had fifteen seconds break in between each dance. I enjoyed being on the farm though. It was different to being on a stage because there was loads of stuff all around where we were performing. We loved playing tag in the maze, which was right next to where we were performing. You can run around in the wings of a proper stage, but it’s not the same. Warwick Arts Centre had a massive stage when we did our performance there. That was awesome, because we got some money to spend in Costcutters! We were allowed to go and buy some sweets and a drink. That performance at Warwick Arts Centre was quite difficult because we were performing in boiler suits and they’re all stiff. But we got our own changing rooms, that was fun!

I really hope that Boys Dancing is happening again - I don’t do as much dance as I used to. I’d definitely like to do more dancing projects though. One thing I’d love to do is a dance in the trees! You could dance and be monkeys at the same time - dancing in monkey costumes! It would just be hard to practice in our hall at school. We’d have to get the ropes out, I suppose."