We have created a series of short films as a resource for teachers who are interested in learning more about how to inspire boys and motivate them to dance. The films explain in detail a selection of the exercises used when producing choreography for Boys Dancing projects.

Introducing boys to dance

Over the last eight years we have received a lot of questions from teachers asking: "How do you get boys interested in dance?" The answer is to make each class playful, athletic, creative, expressive and stimulating. Boys need a simple step-by-step structure to follow, constant encouragement and the opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn new moves.


Please take care in monitoring the activity of the group when teaching each task. As we all know, boys can be very enthusiastic at times and may overestimate their own abilities. Feel free to encourage your boys to challenge themselves - on the Boys Dancing projects we do that all the time - but do this progressively so it is not at the expense of their safety and welfare.

Dance terminology

When explaining the tasks in the films, Dave McKenna (presenting) uses particular words that relate specifically to the process of creating dance. Please don't get hung up or scared by the dance terminology! We've created a glossary of the dance terms used with their definitions that you can download here.

How to use the teaching resource

There are 22 short videos in this teaching resource, which are divided into episodes of increasing technical skill. The episodes loosely follow the format of the choreography process in Boys Dancing sessions:

Episode 1: From playing to dancing
Episode 2: From warm up to set motif
Episode 3: From set motif to choreographed duet
Episode 4: From improvisation to choreography
Episode 5: A selection of lifts

We suggest that you work through each episode in order, chapter by chapter.

Click here to get started with Episode 1 >>


Written and presented by:
David McKenna (Artistic Director: BeingFrank Physical Theatre & Boys Dancing)

Filmed and edited by:
Mathew Beckett (Director: River Rea Films)

Kieran Covell
Dan Lukehurst
Thato Malebye
Simon Ravenhill

Dance Education Advisor:
Yael Owen-McKenna (Joint Head: Coventry Performing Arts Service)